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Sustainable Drone Fishing: the do’s and don’ts

Sustainable Drone Fishing: the do’s and don’ts

What does sustainable fishing mean?

Sustainable means when something can be actively maintained at a certain rate or level. When we refer to sustainable fishing. This means that when fishing you need to understand that some fish that you may be catching could be endangered. This makes the fish species vulnerable to overfishing and possible extinction. Overfishing will have a serious impact on not only the endangered species but the entire ecosystem that the live in.


How do you practice sustainable fishing as a drone fisherman?

The concept of drone fishing is still very new to the world so the number of people using drones to catch fish are ever growing. As a drone fisherman you may not be directly involved in overfishing, but as the industry grows, we need to keep in mind and understand the ways in which we can preserve the oceans wildlife. One method you could employ is seasonal fishing, this implies that you target fish in cycles. So, for half the year you could target X species and for the second half of the year you can target Y species. This will have a huge impact on the sustainability of drone fishing as it will give fish species time to regain and recoup its numbers. With the use of drone’s people can now target species from the shore that they have never been able to access prior to this. When targeting specific fish species always ensure that you are stick to the guidelines set out by the endangered species list. And if you do happen to catch a fish that is on one of these lists it would be best to catch and release. When drone fishing the ability for you to target specific species of fish gives you a competitive edge over other fisherman so overfishing could become an issue if you fish for sport rather than subsistence. Try to avoid overfishing when catching fish and if you know you have had a good catch for the day but would still like to continue try and target different fish species.

How do you get into Drone Fishing?

When entering the drone fishing market, you need to really focus on getting the correct drone to serve your need. The questions you should be asking yourself when buying a drone should look something like this: What is the max payload? What is the battery life? Is there a bait release on the market? Does the drone have RTH function? Is the drone waterproof? Can the drone handle the kinds of conditions I am fishing in? If you have asked all these questions before you make a purchase you will find that your pool for drones drastically decrease as only a hand full of drones fit this description. The Gannet Pro drone has the ultimate drone fishing features whether you are a novice or if you are a pro at flying drones. For all your drone fishing needs head over to


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