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Mavic 2 Series with Smart Controller

Mavic 2 Series with Smart Controller

Mavic 2 Series with Smart Controller

This is the perfect portable Done Fishing combonation.

Arguably the most advanced drone that DJI or any company for that matter, has ever released. More powerful than ever before, the Mavic 2 is not only an incredible drone for film makers, it is your perfect fishing partner. 

With a rock solid build quality and super small size, the Mavic 2 will fit in your fishing pack and be able to take baits in excess of 900 grams close to 1000m out with ease! The Mavic 2 only goes where you tell it to go — no drifting, wandering, or slippery controls.

Return to home works like a dream, so once you have dropped off your bait hit return to home and watch the drone come and automatically land exactly where it took off. 

We recomend the new Smart controller for drone fishing. 

Usually, you’d use a smartphone or tablet plugged into DJI’s standard controller and running the DJI Go app to pilot these drones, with your device’s screen relaying information, a live video feed from the drone’s camera and the ability to interact with the drone via touch controls.

The Smart Controller replaces this setup, and is designed to offer a more robust, professional-friendly way of controlling your drone.

Its screen is very bright at 1,000 nits (by comparison, most of today’s smartphones are between 500-700 nits) - This gives the Smart Controller a significant edge over a phone or tablet when using it outdoors on a sunny day, where glare can make it tricky to clearly see what’s on the screen.

It’s worth noting that we sell a few a monitor hood add-on for Mavic controllers that physically keeps direct sunlight off the screen for just $30. 

If you want the best for your next drone fishing trip, then the Smart Controller is a great purchase!





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