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Drop Loop Setup for Drone Fishing

Drop Loop Setup for Drone Fishing

Drone fishing can seem intimidating, there are ways to mitigate the risks of having a crash while fishing.

A drop-loop is an essential part that has saved countless drones from going for a swim.

By utilising a drop-loop, the main line is kept far away from drones props. 

With a free running Droploop setup, it acts as a shock absorber so your drone doesn’t stop suddenly, which causes the props to hit your lines.

We recommend using a long running drop loop of at least 50-80cm minimum the bait hangs a further 3-20m below that. 

By having the bait (weight) far away from the drone, the swinging of the bait (pendulum effect) is allot slower and less violent, by doing this, It greatly increases drones stability.

The pendulum effect this is magnified with a short drop line and has also caused drones to crash. Short drop loops are known to swing up and cause crashes.

*Please do not use a free running Droploop on any of the Gannet Sport Releases 

Drone Fishing Droploop


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