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Drone Fishing with the Yuneec Typhoon H

Have bigger fish to fry? This one’s the heavy lifter on our list! The Yuneec Typhoon H is a powerful hexacopter capable of lifting medium to big game easily with its outstanding payload capacity of 10.4 kg. That’s almost ten times the payload compared to the others on our list.

Another impressive feature is its Intel RealSense Technology that allows the Yuneec to create a 3D map of its environment, detecting ad memorizing obstacles to avoid them. It’s a very helpful feature especially for fishing, as it gives you an advantage of knowing where the fish are.

It is also equipped with a 3-axis anti-vibration CGO3+ gimbal camera that captures ultra-stable 4K Ultra HD video and can be rotated through an unlimited, 360° range of motion. The CGO3+ gimbal camera features a high-quality glass 98° field of view, wide-angle lens, and offers manual camera settings while in flight.

This drone also comes with the ST16 Ground Station, an integrated transmitter, receiver and Android platform that gives you full control over Typhoon H, allowing you to easily program autonomous flight and capture stunning photos and videos. The large 7-inch integrated screen displays real-time footage of your flight, so you can spot game easily.

It also comes with another remote called Wizard, a compact flight controller with its own GPS beacon, making it the perfect second controller and a homing device for Typhoon H. With Wizard controlling Typhoon H’s flight path, the camera operator can use the included ST16 controller to focus on capturing breathtaking still images and video.

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