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Drone Fishing with the DJI Inspire 2

Without a doubt the most expensive drone model on our list, the DJI Inspire Pro 2 is a significant investment with a whole lot of features. But despite its high price, you won’t find a drone with a longer range, better video streaming, superior flight time, or payload capacity. This drone is built to impress.

With the high price point comes high premium quality. The struts and rotor mounts are reinforced, and the landing struts are constructed to be both flexible and strong to absorb landing impacts. Its powerful built makes it a good choice for trawling. Rigging the Inspire 2 for fishing is no problem, as this drone has power and range to spare. It has a range of up to 7 kilometers and can fly up to 27 minutes even when it is fully loaded, making it a high candidate when you plan on trawling or catching bigger fish.

The Inspire 2 uses the top-of-the-line Zenmuse X5S gimbal, which allows superior angle adjustment while flying, and provides stability whether you are capturing both video footage or still images in 4K resolution. Footage can be streamed directly to your smartphone or tablet with the DJI Go app, and you can also program flight paths and use other intelligent navigation features from the convenience of your mobile device.

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