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Gannet XSport - Electro-Mechanical Payload Release System For DJI Mavic Air 3

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Product Details

Scientifically proven to be the worlds best pressure release system

Designed specifically for the DJI Mavic Air 3

The worlds first and only electro-mechanical drone release system (patent pending). Also known as our ultimate release system!

Main features:

Designed not to interfere with your drones VPS sensors. All remain ON, unobstructed and active, no need to move it to the back legs to clear the sensors.

Mounts in seconds to your drone with no tools required, no removal of the LEDs lens,
Clear from the drone camera.

Over 10kg release ability.

Selectable electronic or mechanical release - for the guys that fly amongst the gulls, adding protection against reel jams with emergency bail.

Is fully autonomous and self-sufficient with its own rechargeable battery, charged from an internal charger powered by USB charge lead in under 30min.

A single charge can do over 100 drops, Over 2-week stand by if left on (warning this could damage the battery)

No need to modify your drone in any manner nor do you need to open it,
Central loading the same as all other Gannets - balancing the load on all 4 motors, this is fundamental to all drones.

See WARNING section below for more details.

All electronics are kept away from the light-bridge antennas and compasses. Thus ensuring interference-free operation of your drone even at long distances,
Is activated by the front LED lights of your drone which can easily be turned on and off using your C1 or C2 buttons on your drone's remote *. Alternatively, you can set your drone's camera that when you start recording that it automatically switches the lights off, stop the record and the lights are back on.

Fastest one handloading of all releases, even while the drone is hovering. With no need for metal/plastic rings on the Drop-Loop. Designed for 0,3mm to 1,4 mm nylon Drop-Loops of either nylon or even metal.

Instant activation from the C1 or C2 button on the drone remote, - full distance range of the drone.

The best Gannet to date thanks to the patent-pending electro-mechanical release mechanism.

Weighing in at only 60g.

Weight saved on the release is safety gained for the flight reducing drone power consumption.

Because of it’s high accuracy, (±5% @ 800g setting) the release setting can be made higher than any other release, closer to the drone limit, resulting in more hookups and less missed fish throwing the bait/lure as the hook was not set on the initial strike, this when trawling lures or bait direct to fish. Same goes for reducing stress on the drone when dropping normal baits no need to set it too high, saving your drone in the long run.

The Mechanical release is activated whenever the pull force on the release line, the Drop-Loop, exceeds the user setting, so if set to release at 600g you can comfortably fly 450g loads all day long, the trailing line, wind on it and the bait, is typically less than 200g in most conditions, so if you manually stop the spool whilst still flying forward the drone easily exceeds the additionally needed 100g - 200g releasing the load.

Instant release should the reel or line snag to above the settings threshold, same as it would if a bird was to hit the line.


DO NOT disable VPS or Landing Protection, critical systems that protect your drone, camera & gimbal as well as personal and public safety. Other designs that require VPS to be disabled are compromised and should be avoided. For more on VPS and flying over water please see
Some designs require yanking the line free, the drone IMU does not handle repeated sudden movements well, nor is it good for the drone legs that house the radio antennas and compasses.
Some designs force off-center loading, to any side, especially the back in order to clear the VPS sensors, this reduces the load-carrying ability by up to 40% if central back and up to 60% if off-center to back, this dramatically increases drone instability, as individual motors over speed while countering the imbalance resulting in loss of control. These designs that require off center loading are compromised and should be avoided as having one or two motors overwork and failover water is fatal. These designs make several claims to try to justify loading off center, these claims are false and designed merely to justify a poor concept.
There are designs that lift “near” the center but when they do they interfere with the VPS, these designs have options to clear the sensors but in those positions, they then lift the load totally wrong.
Several designs weigh over 100g, any unnecessary weight added to the release is unnecessary power-sapping on the drone, also reducing the max bait load by the equivalent. Every 50g saps approximately 5% more power from the battery 100% of the time the drone is airborne. So in 4 bait drops the drone has lost near 1:30min flight time just because of the heavy release. This can be the difference of making it back to shore or having the drone go for a swim.
What's in the box?

What's in the box?

Gannet Elite for DJI Mavic Air 3
USB Charging cable.
2 off additional spare body securing bands.

Protected under several international Pending Patents and design registrations.

This item is not eligible for coupon discounts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Light impacts the sensor

Ambient light impacts the sensor triggering it to activate on and off without activating the auxiliary light. There should be a simple fix, please advise. The gannet fail safe works as the standard release until a fix could be made. There needs to be a better link to the gannet via wifi or direct control to the drone using the aux buttons.

Waiting for a response to email regarding the light getting into the sensor.