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Gannet Black Drone


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Product Details

Features of the Gannet BLACK:

✅ Fully waterproof drones that can fly even in heavy rain

✅ Remote 30km built-in android device, full 1080p HD display

✅ Powerful with payloads up to 5kg (Max lift test (NOT recommended) 8kgs)

✅ High-efficiency rate with aerodynamics designed to be able to fly in high winds for longer

✅ Reliable with a trusted Pixhawk flight controller

Weather resistant and sand proof remote so that it can be used on the beach without worrying that sand will jam the remote sticks

✅ LCD display for drone telemetry, battery, and GPS status, use with or without a smartphone, 1080p HD live video from the gimbaled camera so that it can be used as an effective search and rescue drone with clear live 1080p HD video

✅ Multiple auxiliary attachment points for the addition of 4k action/360 cameras and spotlights

✅ Fully sealed electronics, preventing corrosion of electronics.

✅ Failsafe electro-mechanical payload release that can be mechanically or electrically activated

✅ Bright onboard lights for easy night navigation

✅ Semi-opaque shell to detect any leaks early on

✅ Safety features. Release bait and return to home on low battery

We took on the challenge to create something which met all of the above goals to create a truly unique and market-leading product.

The Gannet team can say it has achieved its goals in the new Gannet II 

 *Please note, no batteries are included due to the restrictions on international shipping - please contact us to find your nearest battery dealer. 


Compact yet powerful.


At the outset, we designed these drones to be load carrying, be it a life vest on a SAR (search and rescue) mission, bait for fishing or an external battery for extended flight times.

The LARGER Gannet II MAX is rated to lift and fly with loads up to 3.5kg (7.7lbs) payload.

These bigger loads draw heavy on the drone’s battery and limit flight time to a great extent but even so the Gannet II can fly a lifesaving tow line out to a person in trouble several hundred meters from shore. For the land-based fisherman in New Zealand, it can take out a kontiki line for as far as the eye can see.


Fail-safe release: 


Many drones are used for fishing and one of the biggest drone sinkers is when the line gets snagged or when a seagull or pelican hits the line whilst the drone is on its way out with the line. Solving this problem was easy, this was done by fitting each Gannet Done with the patented Gannet XSport dual electromechanical release. What this does is give the user the ability to set the release to auto-release on a given setting. So if 1kg is flown the user may set the release to 1,5kg so as soon as a bird hits the line it simply unclips saving the drone, and if a precession drop is required simply press the button on the remote and the electrical side releases the load on command.

This release is not exclusively for fishing as it can also be used when flying out a lifeline/ lifevest to a person in distress. The drone can lower the strap to him and when he tugs on the line it will unclip. Or one can even pull them to shore with the drone itself knowing that the drone is safe and will free itself if the load gets too much.

Gannet has been making drone release systems since 2016 for all major drone makes so it only makes sense that the best possible release would be fitted to the Gannet II Max. The Gannet XSport has several granted and also pending multinational patents making them the worlds only failsafe electro-mechanical release systems.


Design shape and appearance:

The Gannet II MAX drones have been designed as short-distance delivery drones, unlike most other drones that are symmetrical camera platforms, with a camera hanging from the bottom and able to fly at near identical speeds in any direction, the Gannets are streamlined to fly forward significantly faster and with less power usage than most camera platform drones.

As a result, Gannet Drones are unmistakably recognisable and very unique in shape. This came about as a result of placing the gimbal and GPS far upfront in the head with sweeping aerodynamic arms. Resembling a skydiver or perhaps even a flying penguin. When hovering in place the elongated body is slanting backwards so that when the body is horizontal the drone is already travelling forward at speed. This results in the smallest possible frontal area cutting through the air conserving battery power as much as possible. The keen eye will notice that nothing is straight on these drones, not one of the motors line up, the slanting body and curved asymmetric arms all contribute to making these some of the
most power-efficient drones to be brought to market.  

Battery compartment:

The one thing that needs to be changed/charged in the field on a regular basis is the Lithium Polymer battery. For this, we placed the battery in its own waterproof compartment opening at the back of the drone.

To ensure ease of installation we created an easily accessible compartment in the back of the drone, sealed off from all internals. In the event that some sand compromises the seal only that compartment would seep with water and only the battery is exposed and not the expensive electronic internals.

The Gannet's double waterproof compartment design is unique to the Gannet Drone which makes them the safest waterproof drones on the market.

Flight control:

When looking for a reliable tried and tested flight control system we settled on one from the market leader in drone tech, Pixhawk. As the market leader, we are confident that each Gannet drone has the best possible GPS and flight control system ensuring trouble-free operation.

Battery charging

With the main market for Gannet drones being people that will be away from their home base, all Gannets come with a battery charger that can recharge the battery in about 1hour from a 12V DC battery or 110V-240V AC power outlet making field charging easy and convenient.

*Please note, no batteries are included due to the restrictions on international shipping - please contact us to find your nearest battery dealer. 



Patent Applications

We have spent years and thousands of dollars developing our products. 

In order to protect our designs and concepts we have filed for the following full & or design patents:

Patent Pending:









Shipping, Customs & Duties

Unfortunately our large batteries are extremely difficult to ship, we have decided to not ship our batteries with the drones internationally. This will prevent huge shipping fees (that you would have to cover) and issues with local customs. We have partnered with a number of local distributors that you will be able to buy batteries from locally. Please contact us if you would like to find your nearest dealer.

International distribution is something we have learned to overcome with great shipping partners. 

International freight does come with its own set of challenges. As a business that has acquired all of the necessary permissions and licensing we abide by all laws and legislation.  With this in mind, we cannot mark any item as a 'gift' or as another item. It is illegal to do so.

Please note import duties and taxes are NOT INCLUDED. These charges vary by country and are not in our control.

We ship our drones all over the world and it is impossible for us to build the various customs charges into our website.

You can use this tool to estimate additional costs.

Remember, we are the creators of Gannet II MAX Drones and not international customs, we make no money off local taxes and duties. 

You can use this tool as estimates when determining additional costs in receiving our products.


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