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Operating the Transmitter

Operating the Transmitter

To fly your Gannet Drone safely and effectively, fully understand how to operate the transmitter (the controller). The transmitter is your control interface, allowing you to manage the flight of the drone.

The Gannet Drone uses the SkyDroid T10 Transmitter, which can function as a standard transmitter or interface with an Android phone or tablet. The Android app displays operational and flight telemetry, including battery voltage, distance from home, and altitude. If your device accepts a USB feed, it can also display video from the drone's onboard camera. The transmitter batteries can be charged via a Micro USB (mobile phone) cable.

Transmitter Overview

The transmitter has two switches, three buttons, and two control joysticks:

  • Middle Button: Long press to turn on the transmitter. Wait for the four lights and beeps.
  • Button A: Return to Launch (RTL) button.
    • Backlit when active.
    • The drone will not arm (start) if RTL is active.
  • Button B: Bait release button.
    • No backlighting when in the up-and-hold position.
    • Backlit when the release is down and has released the bait.

Joystick Controls

Left Joystick: Controls Throttle and Yaw

  • Throttle Control:
    • Pull down to reduce throttle and lose altitude.
    • Push up to increase throttle and gain altitude.
    • Center position to hover or maintain altitude.
  • Yaw Control:
    • Push left to rotate the drone counter-clockwise (to the left).
    • Push right to rotate the drone clockwise (to the right).

Right Joystick: Controls Forward and Sideways Movements

  • Forward/Backward Control:
    • Push up to fly forward.
    • Pull down to fly backward.
  • Sideways Control:
    • Push left to fly left.
    • Push right to fly right.
    • Center position to hover or maintain position.

The joysticks are spring-loaded and will automatically center themselves. When flying, ease the sticks back to the center to ensure a smooth transition between actions. Operate the joysticks by pushing them into the required position, allowing the self-centering feature to assist.

Avoid controlling the joysticks with your thumbs on top, as this can hinder the self-centering mechanism. If you become uncertain or disoriented while flying, let go of the joysticks. They will self-center, bringing the drone to a standstill, where it will hover until you regain control.