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Flight Modes and Functions

Flight Modes and Functions

LED Warning Lights

Understanding the various warning lights is crucial for the safe operation of your Gannet Drone. Familiarise yourself with the following signals:

  • Flashing Green: Ready to Arm. The Skydroid Tower app will display "3D" in the top right corner.
  • Fast Flashing Green: Ready to arm in SBAS mode, providing better positioning data. The app will show "3D & DGPS."
  • Solid Green: The drone is armed and ready to launch. Wait until the props start spinning, then press the throttle forward to lift off.
  • Flashing Orange: Insufficient satellite connections (no 3D fix) to launch, or Return to Launch (RTL) activated due to low battery.
  • Flashing Orange Before Launch: The drone battery voltage is too low. Check the battery level on your phone to ensure it's above the low voltage failsafe. Replace it with a fully charged battery.
  • Flashing Blue: Lost GPS satellites. If the drone is in the air, switch to ALT hold mode to regain control.
  • Radio Beeping: The transmitter is not connecting with the drone. This usually indicates no power on the drone. Connect a battery and plug in the Quick Switch.

The SkyDroid Tower App will also display these statuses and warnings on the screen. Additional LED information is available near the end of the manual.

Mode Switch: ‘E’

The top left switch ("E") on the remote controller allows you to select the flying mode:

  • Switch Full Right: Loiter mode (GPS mode). Recommended for general flying.
  • Switch Middle: POS (Position) HOLD (GPS mode). Similar to Loiter mode but with a softer braking action to reduce the pendulum effect, ideal for flying with a single large bait.
  • Switch Full Left: Auto mode. Used to fly missions or to a set waypoint automatically, requiring no input from the operator.

Modes and Functions

Loiter Mode Loiter mode (far right position on switch E) is a GPS mode limited to a speed of 34 kph. Avoid flying at full speed to prevent reel over-wind. This mode offers positive control response and more direct drone braking.

Loiter – Super Simple Mode In Super Simple Mode, the drone responds differently to joystick inputs:

  • Up/Away: The drone flies directly away from you.
  • Down/Back: The drone flies directly back to you.
  • Left/Right: The drone rotates around you at the same distance. This mode is useful if you lose sight of the drone, as pulling the joystick back will bring it back to you.

Auto Mode Auto mode is used to fly to a pre-set waypoint:

  1. Take off in Loiter mode.
  2. Once at the desired altitude, switch from Loiter to Auto mode.
  3. The Gannet Drone will fly to the waypoint automatically.
  4. Drop the bait using button B, then press button A to RTL (Return to Launch).

RTL – Return to Launch (Auto Land) Press button "A" to activate RTL. The drone will return home and land automatically. Pressing "A" again deactivates RTL, allowing manual control. If the button A is highlighted with a blue backlight, RTL is active, and the drone will not arm.

  • Procedure:
    1. Fly the drone to the line drop location.
    2. Press button "B" to release the bait/line.
    3. Release the right stick slowly to slow the drone down.
    4. Press button "A" to activate RTL. The drone will return at about 35 kph, descend above the take-off zone, and land.
    5. Once the motors stop, click button "A" to exit RTL mode.

If the battery level is sufficient, you can re-arm and take off again. If the light flashes orange continuously, the low battery failsafe is active, and you must change the battery.

Important Note: Always turn on the transmitter before powering up the drone to ensure control from the start. The Skydroid App provides access to more flight modes, which can be explored here.

Setting a Waypoint The Gannet Drone and T10 Transmitter can set a waypoint using switch F (in the up position):

  1. Fly to the desired area.
  2. Toggle switch F down and back up to set the waypoint.
  3. To fly to the waypoint, take off and fly to the desired altitude.
  4. Switch from Loiter to Auto mode (switch E down).
  5. The Gannet Drone will fly to the waypoint automatically.
  6. Drop the bait using button B, then press button A to RTL.