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Checking Battery Voltage

Checking Battery Voltage

Gannet supplies a battery checker with the Gannet Drone. This battery checker will measure the total voltage of the battery and the voltage of each individual cell.

How to Use the Battery Checker

  1. Connect the Battery:

    • Plug the balancer cable of the battery into the battery tester.
    • The tester will BEEP and then display the total voltage of the battery, followed by the voltage of each cell.
  2. Interpret the Results:

    • A fully charged LiPo 6S battery should read 25.2V, with each cell at 4.20V.
    • Acceptable variance for each cell is up to 0.02V (i.e., cells should read between 4.18V and 4.22V).
    • Do not use the battery if there is a variance greater than 0.2V between the cells.
  3. Safety Guidelines:

    • Always fly with a fully charged battery.
    • Do not fly with a partially discharged battery as you cannot accurately estimate the remaining energy or flight time.
    • Never fly with a battery reading less than 23 volts. This indicates the battery is 50% discharged, reducing the safety margin.
    • The Gannet Drone will not arm if the voltage is below 22.7 volts.

For further understanding, there are many instructional videos on YouTube reviewing this checker and demonstrating its use. Here is a link to one such video: Battery Voltage Checker Tutorial