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Product Details

Please note, this is a PREORDER product, you are getting a PREORDER DISCOUNT by ordering now! 

Our design goals:

✅ Fully waterproof drones that can fly even in heavy rain

✅ Powerful with payloads up to 3,5kg

✅ High-efficiency rate with aerodynamics designed to be able to fly in high winds for longer

✅ Reliable with a trusted GPS flight controller

Weather resistant and sand proof remote so that it can be used on the beach without worrying that sand will jam the remote sticks

✅ LCD display for drone telemetry, battery, and GPS status, use with or without a smartphone, the Gannet Camera is an optional extra, Full HD (1080p) live video from the gimbaled camera so that it can be used as an effective search and rescue drone with clear live HD video

✅ Multiple auxiliary attachment points for the addition of 4k action/360 cameras and spotlights

✅ Fully sealed electronics, preventing corrosion of electronics, despite needing uninhibited barometric pressure sensing 

✅ Failsafe electro-mechanical payload release that can be mechanically or electrically activated

✅ Expandable with the option to add external long-endurance batteries and custom payload bays

✅ Bright onboard lights for easy night navigation

We took on the challenge to create something which met all of the above goals to create a truly unique and market-leading product.

The Gannet team can say it has achieved its goals in the new Gannet Pro + 


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Gannet Pro Plus Vision Drone_