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Gannet drone fishing rods


Rods that have been designed for the drone angler.

These rods can handle any fish you may hook into, they are the only true 3 piece 10ft rods availible anywhere. Fitted with top Fuji guides you can use braid or mono, a multiplier or a grinder and can even cast with them (limited due to lengt) they are also particularly well suited to kite fishing and swim baits. Availible in 3 weight classes.

Niuhi (Tiger Shark) XXH – Suitable for just about any large shark and big game fish.
Ulua (King fish) XH – Suitable for large game fish and small to medium sharks.
Onaga (Red snapper) M – Suitable for edible fish and small sharks.



Gannet drone fishing rods also perfect for kite fishing.
Currently available in 3 weight classes

Niuhi (Tiger Shark) XXH – Suitable for just about any large shark and big game fish.
Ulua (King fish) XH – Suitable for large game fish and small to medium sharks.
Onaga (Red snapper) M – Suitable for edible fish and small sharks.

Basic specifications
Length: 10’ 3 piece (3,05m)
Material: Toray 40ton carbon graphite
Guides: Fuji Alconite high heat dissipation guides
Reel seat and grip: ALPS machined aluminum with triangular grip for ease of holding during a hard fight.
Shipping and storage: Supplied in a bag in a PVC Gannet branded rod tube 1,1m long perfect for traveling.
Reel type: All current models are for medium to large multiplier reels as these are best suited for drone fishing targeting medium to very large heavy fish.
Rod but end: gimbal with cap

Unique to Gannet rods is the rod stand that fits into the but of the rod this unique design is protected by 4 international design registration patents.
As an optional extra we have a 16mm carbon rodstand that fit in the storage tube with the rod split into two pieces that when joined make a 2m long stand for the beach, so your reel can be >1,75m high from the ground, lifting the rod tip to a hight of 4,5m thereby lifting your line away from the front breakers.

The design:
Few people realize that a fishing rod is a leverage advantage to the fish. The longer the rod the harder the Angler has to work to land the fish. For example if a reel’s drag is set at 33lbs and a 13’ rod is held at 45degrees then the angler feels a massive 165lbs on his arms while the fish only feels the maximum the drag is set, 33lbs.

To this end boat rods evolved to be short as on a boat the angler does not need the reach that a typical rock and surf angler needs. On the other hand surf rods evolved longer to enable the angler to cast as far as possible and to help him lift his line as high as possible over the front breakers. There is shorter surf rods but they are all too weak to handle a big fish.

Neither of these two rod types are suitable for the drone angler, the boat rod that is stiff enough is simply too short and will result in the inability to lift the line while waiting for a bite and it will also not be possible to steer the fish around the rocks when close up. Good boat rods are also prohibitively expensive.
The long surf rod while essential for casting is simply too long for the drone angler that is targeting bigger more powerful fish more often, resulting in the angler going flat stick too often as he simply cant lift the rod tip.

So Gannet set about to find the best compromise between the two extremes and developed custom and unique rod blanks that is up to the challenge of landing big fish yet when folded being compact enough to travel with to your favorite exotic fishing locations be it by car or by air. By adding the tall collapsible rod stand the problem of lifting the line over the front breakers has easily been negated.

We recommend these rods to be paired with reels like the Talica 25II or the Talica 50II and using a gimbal bucket with straps to the reel for extra stability and hauling power.

Being Gannet we paid special attention to quality of all components used to ensure that these rods will be the last rods a drone or kite angler buys as they will serve him well for years to come.

What’s in the box?

  1. One rod in 3 pieces
  2. One gimbal cap
  3. One rod bag
  4. One rod transportation and storrage tube (PVC)

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions28 × 3 × 3 cm
Gannet fishing rod

Niuhi (Tiger Shark) XXH, Ulua (King fish) XH, Onaga (Red Snapper) M


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