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Flowers from Heaven


Flowers from Heaven – Pre order start shipping June

Designed to be used with any of our Gannet releases
Main features:

  • Can hold 5 liters of flower petals or upto 600g,
  • Can be used with our single or dual release systems,
  • With single release all petals are droped in one go and no “practice” drop can be made.
  • With Dual,release it can be set to drop a few petals first to see how the wind blows them, drone can be repositioned befor releasing the bulk of the petals,
  • Folds up to a flat circle of approximatly 25cm for easy storrage,
  • Hangs far below the drone, so the drone can be high above the party for minimal intrusion, keeping the drone wind away from the petals and party,
  • Is to be loaded in accordance with the capability of the specific drone that is used, P3 & 4 upto 600g, Mavic up to 400g,
  • Weighs less than 50grams.

What’s in the box?

  • Colapsable contaner with suspension lines,
  • Gannet releas is sold seperatly.


Use your drone to shower your event with flowers from above to take photos and videos like never before.

Additional information

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